Get Involved

Get involved and help create another outstanding event!


The Pioneer Valley Agricultural Show Society Inc. would like to invite you to become a Member. If you have not contemplated this before then pelase consider the many benefits you will experience by being associated with this wonderful not-for-profit community organisation.

A Members Pass is non-transferable.

At Show time there will be no waiting at the Ticket Office, as you will be issued with membership pass prior to the Show commencing.

This pass will allow you entry to the Showgrounds on the day of the Annual Show. Should you need to, you have the freedom to come and go as you please during this period.

You will have the right and privilege to nominate for any position on the Show Committee, and to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting held in December.

Members elect a committee of volunteer workers who administer the show on behalf of the Show Association Members and the people of Pioneer Valley Agricultural Show.